Welcoming Words by Overseas President,
Jung-su Choi.

First, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for those supporting Sekonix Vina.
Sekonix Vina was established to increase the satisfaction of our clients, aiming for local
production and delivery in Vietnam.

Since the completion of the first factory in June 2015, the company kick-started its mass manufacturing,
and the accumulated lenses production reached 74 million units in 2016. Since then, with a 30% increase
in lenses demand expected from the spread of dual lenses, we have promoted the expansion of the
second factory in the vast land area of 14,500㎡ (4,400 pyeong) from October 2016. So far, in 2017,
we have reached one step closer to a global scale by producing 20 million units each month.

Sekonix Vina will continue to make the efforts to become the best company domestically and
internationally by employing and fostering talents in all fields from production to R & D.

Thank you.

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